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Complex Electronics Ltd. is a business enterprise dealing with the design and installation of electronic circuits. Our company was founded in 1994 in Budapest. The Ltd. is under Hungarian ownership in 100%. The average number of staff is between 12 and 14 persons. We render service to you and your company with colleagues having several years of professional experience in the SMD assembly. Our aim is to prepare the product designed by you in the best possible quality and by deadline. The main profile of our company is rendering quick and flexible services to small and medium-sized companies, even based on individual demands.
The company has plenty of experience in the installation of printed circuits, and in the field of the related services and technologies.
In addition to the nearly two-decade experience, the fact that the company has ISO 9001 certificate is another guarantee for quality.
We pay special attention to the fact that all delivered products of Complex Electronics Ltd. should be manufactured under the same conditions, and in compliance with the relevant standards.


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