The main activities of the company include the design and manufacturing of electronic equipment, the placement of printed circuits at favourable price level, in high quality, and with flexible conditions.In toll manufacturing we undertake to place and solder traditional components, as well as to assemble SMD components in all technological variations (mixed).


SMD Installation

We undertake to place SMD both manually and with assembly machines, with lead and lead-free as well.
If requested, we can provide passive SMD components from our choice from own warehouse or based on previous consultation, in the case of ordering an appropriate number of components, possibly from individual purchase. More information
For the SMD assembly, the following devices are provided:

3 pieces SMD pick and place automatic machine


Reflow oven


Visual inspection station


Laser Cutting

Our company has a 100-watt laser machine, offering all kinds of plastic, acrylic and wood machining done.

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In 2012 Complex Electronics Ltd. installed an island-operated solar cell system. The area of solar cells is 20 m2, their nominal output is 3 kW. The solar cell system can provide nearly 90% of the office current consumption of the company.